BabyLegs Case Study
The Difference Between BabySteals and the Other Guys

In the words of Patt Kelly, Director of Sales and Marketing

Working with BabySteals is a very different experience than working with any other daily deal site. With daily deal sites, the experience is down and dirty, the photography isn’t great and the photos are little — you hope and pray you sell out. With BabySteals, the feature is treated almost as we would treat our own brand on our site. When it happens as quickly as it does on BabySteals, it doesn’t disrupt regular business.

We were able to move a tremendous amount of inventory that we wouldn’t be able to move otherwise. We don’t worry that something will go drastically wrong. We’re able to raise awareness of our brand without harming the reputation of our brand.

There are tons of daily deal sites, but, BabySteals was first in and they’re always enhancing the back end. The brands BabySteals puts up have cache…that’s why people keep coming back.

The partnership we’ve developed is phenomenal. We love our customers and we want to do the right thing for our customers and everything after that is just icing on the cake. The people who purchase from BabySteals have a great experience. There’s the same amount of respect for the customer on the BabySteals end as there is on our end. BabySteals is a great partner who takes care of our brand and customers with integrity.